"Mish's highly autobiographical paintings place the painter in the dual position of being both subject and voyeur.

These primal, deceptive childlike images take us on a deeply personal exploration of a psyche once locked behind barred and bolted doors, but now ajar, allowing light of the liberator.

Using the power of bold colors layered in a patchwork of abstract shapes, Mish creates a checkerboard of distressed textured surfaces evoked chapters of ordeal, memories, fears, and emotions once pushed into dark corners now exposed and raw

To study Mish's art is to feel the inquietude in the Temple.  To be plunged into the contemplation of a tortured heart crying out in denial of the soul that tortured it.

But now flowers spring from fears burned and buried.

The Flowers he holds seem to represent a joy and generosity long lost and found anew.

Mish's intimate and personal work hints at glorifying the sorrowful things that life has a continual desire to forget.

There is a  sweetness and a melancholy pervading the work that passes over us like a shadow before bathing us in warm sunlight."

- G3 Fine Art International

Selected Exhibitions

Lurie Fine Art  Miami, Florida

Tag Gallery  Santa Monica, California

Pacific Design Center  West Hollywood, California

G3 Fine art International

MTV Show and Auction  Los Angeles, California

SOHO Gallery, Studio City California

Evan Lurie Gallery  Carmel, Indiana

Davis and Cline Gallery  Ashland, Oregon

Las Vegas Art Expo  Las Vegas, Nevada

The Fantasy Gallery.com

Hanson Howard Gallery  Ashland, Oregon

Lurie Fine Art  Boca Raton, Florida

Rogue Gallery and Art Center  Medford, Oregon

Glass Garage Gallery  Los Angeles, California

Dragonfire Gallery Cannon Beach, Oregon

Dan Mish Fine Art

Los Angeles, CA 1951

California State University
Los Angeles
CA 1973
BA, Graphic Arts
A fine Artist for over 30 years, Dan's art has been featured in major galleries in the United States and is in many art collections worldwide.
Selected Principal Collections

Rob Lowe, Los Angeles, CA

Tina Sinatra, Los Angeles, CA

Jackie Chan, Beverly Hills, CA

Barry & Leah Porter, Los Angeles, CA

Richard Lewis, Los Angeles, CA

Howard & Ruth Gilliam, Beverly Hills, CA
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